ADV Groothandel is a pharmaceutical wholesaler, located in the center of The Hague close to the main highways to Rotterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Maastricht.

It provides a wide range of 2000 generic and branded medicines to pharmacies and wholesalers in all regions of the Netherlands.

ADV Groothandel is an essential part of De Volharding Group, which also is the owner of the largest private same-day-home-delivey-pharmacy and one of oldest pharmacies in The Netherlands, established in 1895. In this Group we also have ADV Medicijnrol which provide turnkey unit dose packed medicines for pharmacies in The Netherlands.

ADV Groothandel supplies the other companies in the Group, but also unit dose packaging companies and general pharmacies in all parts of The Netherlands.

In the last years it has developed a specalization in unit dose medication and consumables.



  • Generic medicines
  • Branded medicines
  • Supplies for unit dose producing pharmacies


  •  KVK # 6196 5642, Den Haag
  •  GDP licence #. NL/ G 16/ 1009170



  • Daily supply of generic en branded medicines in the Netherlands of 2000 facings